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Professional Pluggable Dolly Track Greenbull G900 Straight

Professional Pluggable Dolly Track Greenbull G900 Straight-31

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Product Highlights

  • Compatible with Greenbull JX900 Dolly
  • Straight Track
  • 1 Meter Long
  • Easy to Mount



These professional pluggable dolly track Greenbull G900 Straight are high quality rails to be used with the portable dolly Greenbull JX900. Each track section includes 2 pluggable side rails, 2 support sections and 4 wooden wedges. One section measures 1m long.

Bag and dolly not included.

Check out the demonstration video


Manufacturer Greenbull
Section Length 1000mm
Maximum Load Capacity 300 kg
Maximum Tube Diameter 32 mm (diameter) - 2 mm (tube thickness)
Net Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 1000 x 620 mm

What's in the box

  • 2x 1 Meter Long Side Straight Section
  • 2x Support Section
  • 4x Wooden Wedges

Bag and dolly not included.

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